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Here's What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying:

Please accept this letter of reference for the Bennett Pros outstanding work with us over the last 10 months. Working with them for the purchase of 2 investment condos has been nothing short than outstanding. Their in-depth knowledge of the Ottawa market, expert advice, punctuality for all our appointments and no pressure approach was extremely appreciated. I would not hesitate to refer the Bennett Property Shop to anyone looking for professional real estate advice. At the same time, please do not hesitate to use us as a reference to any potential clients. We are grateful for everything that you have done for us. Thank you!
-Bonnie and Marty W.

Hey Greg,
Just a quick note to say we have rented Loretta and we did get our $1800 a month. So now with Pinecrest rented, Loretta rented, London rented and closing in Hamilton next week and it being rented I guess we are just about ready for our next new adventure. Wow 4 rented units and it only took me 2 years to finally pull the trigger on the first purchase :) But we are sure glad we started this venture and we are equally glad we are going to continue to grow...before long we'll blink an eye and our portfolio will start to look like yours. What does Marnie keep saying - PASSIVE INCOME PASSIVE INCOME...
Talk to you soon,
-Brian and Lyn L.


Dear Marnie,
Shortly following your May 2008 presentation, my wife and I met with Greg Blok; this is when our prosperity changed for the better.
Greg patiently reviewed and explained your investment strategy. He answered our questions and made two neophytes feel confident in a no stress environment. He listened, recognized our needs and profile, and introduced us to Rod Scribner (CrownPillar). With Rod we purchased a unit in St John and three in London. Throughout, Greg maintained regular contact with us, identifying other properties for our consideration.
Marnie please make certain that Greg knows how much Thérèse and I appreciate his experience, professional approach, availability and his excellent interpersonal skills. Greg remains key to our success and yes, he was instrumental our December 8 purchase of a unit at 111 WEST.
Marnie to you and your team: Merry Christmas, good health, and a prosperous New Year in 2010.
-Rick and Thérèse M.