Byward Market
The Sights and Sounds of Byward Market

Known as the heart of Ottawa, Byward Market has been experiencing some growth in the residential area over the last few years. Also called “the Market”, the housing options in the Byward Market are enormous ranging from luxurious condominiums to apartments all centered on a 4 block square market.

Byward Market is a place full of life. The market features something for everyone, you can find boutiques, pubs, galleries, cafes and you’ll even find Canada’s oldest operating farmer’s market. You’ll find restaurants open for breakfast, others will offer late night dinner till 2:00AM and some restaurants are open for 24 hours - perfect for party goers.

Byward Market Housing

Real estate in the Byward Market ranges from $200,000 up to $1,500,000; this includes houses and condos for sale. Places like 90 George Street offer amazing Ottawa condos in prime location which are within walking distance of theatres, business centres, shopping malls and galleries. The majority of the housing in the Byward Market is rentals.

Is Byward Market A Safe Neighbourhood?

Living in the heart of Ottawa will be perhaps the most exciting move you’ll ever make. Located in downtown Ottawa, the Byward Market catches the attention of young residents. You’ll find an abundance of amazing restaurants, schools, widespread parks, shopping malls and a community centre all covered by the Walking District of Ottawa. Museums attract various people from all over the region and Government buildings bring an incursion of workers throughout the daytime.

You’ll find that Byward Market’s parking is at a premium, you’ll find that the public transportation can easily be accessed at Rideau Centre and the bicycle paths are easily found along the Ottawa River. You can even find day lots and Temporary Street parking available which can easily be accessible.

Byward Market Jobs and Employment

The Byward Market particularly draws young professionals in the 20-35 age group. The labour force consists of a mix of occupations in the areas of Science, Art, Management, Business, Sports and Finance.

Byward Market Schools

  • St Anne Public School
  • York Street Public School
  • Francojeunesse Public School

Limoges Activities

Byward Market has over 80 different restaurants each serving you with dishes from around the world. Some of the special places are:
BlackTomato:An upper class specialty meets local cuisine, and that’s what Black Tomato is all about. From cheese to salad plates to even local ales.
ClockTower Brew Pub: A perfect place to have casual meal with friends. This casual dining pub mixed with home brewed beer is ideal for a peaceful time out.
HokkaidoSushi: Offers a complete sushi buffet at a great price which is available during lunch.
LaPointe’s Seafood: With elegant pasta dishes the freshest fish in the Market, this restaurant offers the most amazing fried fish and chips.

So, if you’re thinking about moving to the Byward Market, it would be a life altering decision, as you escape to a place full of tranquility, fun, food and happiness. If you haven’t decided on the Byward Market than what are you waiting for?

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