Embrun Neighbourhood
Beautiful, Simple and Safe Suburban Living


Embrun is part of the larger Russell Township in the National Capital Region. Situated approximately 30 minutes southeast of downtown Ottawa, the Township consists of 4 communities: Embrun, Russell, Limoges and Marionville. The majority of its population resides in the villages of Russell (approx. 7000 residents) and Embrun (approx. 8000 residents).

Embrun is known for its rich culture of bilingualism; French- and English-speaking communities have coexisted here since the arrival of the first settlers in the first half of the 19th Century. Due to social and economic pressures in the Province of Quebec in the mid 1800s, a number of French Canadians moved to Ontario in search of prime agricultural land during that time.

The Township is home to beautiful examples of 19th century architecture, such as St-Jacques Catholic Church in Embrun.

Between 2001 and 2006, the population of Embrun increased by 26%, higher than any other community in the Ottawa region. Post 2006 its growth was slower, but still more than double the provincial average, growing at a rate of 12%.


Embrun Housing

Whether you're looking for a large lot with mature trees, or a mobile home on a leased lot, Embrun has plenty of housing options to suit everyone's needs. New homes as well as older renovated homes dating back to the 1800's are available in Embrun ranging from $80,000 to $700,000. The majority of the homes are owned, therefore few rentals are available in Embrun.


Embrun Jobs and Employment

In keeping with its agricultural heritage, agriculture remains the dominant economic activity in Embrun. This economy continues to thrive, being a major producer of dairy, corn, soy beans and more. A number of the residents in the area still farm, however, the majority of the residents now work in the service industry.


Is Embrun A Safe Neighbourhood?

Embrun's residents are renowned for their community involvement and avid participation in cultural and sporting activities. A variety of festivals and events are held in Embrun year-round.

Embrun follows the friendly small town culture of "everyone knows everyone". Many people know or have acquaintances with most other residents of the town. This is especially true among senior citizens.


Embrun Schools

Embrun students in English Public attend Cambridge Public School in elementary years and Russell High School in the neighbouring community of Russell.

Students in English Catholic attend Mother Theresa school for elementary, and St. Thomas Aquinas school for secondary. Both of these schools are in the neighbouring community of Russell.

Students in French Public attend elementary school at De la Rivière Castor school in Embrun, while their secondary school is L’Académie de la Seigneurie in nearby Casselman.

For those in French Catholic, elementary school is École élémentaire catholique Embrun, which is divided into two buildings which neighbour each other: the Pavillon Saint-Jean which has grades K-2, and the Pavillon La Croisée which has grades 3-6. Their secondary school is École secondaire catholique Embrun.


Embrun Activities

There are several social clubs which are very active in the community such as: The Club Optimiste Club, Knights of Columbus, Octogone club, Carnival committe and Celebrons ensemble committe. Community related activities are all sponsored by local businesses and encourage solid community relations.

Other things to see and do in Embrun:

  • The Église St. Jacques -- A beautiful 19th-century church located in the heart of the town at the junction of St. Augustine Road and Notre-Dame Street. This is sometimes called the "Paroisse St. Jacques" or among the anglophone population, "St. Jacques Church"
  • New York Central Recreational Trail -- Pedestrian trail lined with trees that block the view of the urban features of the town. Walking or bicycling down the bike path is a relaxing experience.
  • Monument to Embrun, Ontario from Embrun, France -- This is a public monument at the start of the recreational trail. The historical significance of this monument relates to France being grateful for the Allied liberation of France in 1945, which soldiers from Embrun, Ontario contributed to.
  • Picking strawberries at Fraisière Cosmos -- Fraisière Cosmos is a strawberry farm along Notre-Dame Street east of the town. Strawberry picking is available in late June only.

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