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Kanata Lakes

Kanata Lakes in Ottawa was originally a part of Township. It was an agricultural based community, until the 1960’s when heavy development took place. The modern Kanata Lakes is a design of many commercial builders who turned a rural area that started from only 4,000 acres and saw it grow into a model community.

Kanata Lakes is located at the north of Kanata situated north of Highway 417 beside the main street of Kanata Avenue. Other major roads that connect to Kanata Lakes include Walden Drive, Campeau Drive, Golbourn Forced Road and Knudson Drive.

Kanata Lakes Housing

Kanata Lakes is built around the Kanata Lakes Golf and Country Club and is known as one of the most upscale, sought after communities that boast a huge amount of luxurious, executive homes and town homes. Most of the homes were built in the 1990's or later.

Kanata Lakes Jobs and Employment

The labour force in Kanata Lakes consists of a wide range of occupations such as Business, Finance, Sales, Management, Health and Sciences, Education, Government, Art and Culture, Sport, Trades, Transport, Manufacturing, as well as High Tech, etc. with an average household income of $188,255.

Is Kanata Lakes A Safe Neighbourhood?

Kanata Lakes has a host of many sporting activities and has several sporting associations, perhaps the most notable are the golf clubs with one situated right in the center of the town, bicycle clubs and even sailing clubs. The Richcraft Recreation Complex in the area offers a high quality, fitness, recreation and aquatic facility. You’ll even find an artistic perspective in Kanata Lakes by visiting the Kanata Theatre and the Kanata Symphony.

Kanata Lakes Schools

All Saints Catholic High School is located in Kanata Lakes and serves the communities of Kanata and West Carleton.

Stephen Leacock Public School serves the neighbourhood of Kanata Lakes and is located in Beaverbrook. It offers an early French Immersion program.

Kanata Lakes Activities

If you decide to move to Kanata Lakes here’s what is in store for you. The Kanata Lake Community enjoys tennis courts, parks, rural land, trails, green spaces, shopping malls, entertainment and fine dining. And with everything so conveniently located you can walk to the Kanata Centrum (which is Ottawa’s Third largest shopping mall), you can walk to Landmark Cinemas 24 Kanata, and even to the Kanata Signature Ridge Shopping Mall. If you want to go for a short drive then you can visit the Kanata Theatre, the Kanata Rec Centre and the Kanata Library as well. The design of Kanata Lakes is primarily known for:
• Distinguished institutions and buildings • The Kanata Centrum (The 3rd largest shopping Centre along with other major developments in process) • Landmark Cinemas 24 Kanata, which is the largest movie theatre in Ottawa • Kanata Recreation Complex

Home to many community associations you have regular annual events, which include various outdoor group activities, sailing club and the bicycle club.

Relocating to Kanata Lakes

If you’re thinking of relocating yourself to the midst of all the action, yet still find some time for peace then the great Kanata Lakes community should be on the top of your list. If you want to take a look at homes in Kanata, meet people, learn more about the community then simply sign-up on this page.