Orleans: A Welcoming Neighbourhood in Ottawa

Place D'Orleans SportChek entrance April 2006

Orleans is a beautiful neighbourhood in Ottawa. People of this area are very diverse, with both English speaking Canadians and French Canadians living here. Orleans is among the fastest growing neighbourhoods in Ottawa. Experts rank it as one of the most welcoming and friendly neighbourhoods in Canada. The housing market in Orleans gives a positive outlook as more people look for homes in this wonderful neighbourhood. The neighbourhood has experienced rapid development in recent years as more and more construction projects have been taken on by the government.

Orleans Housing

Ottawa real estate experts believe that this is an excellent area for you if you are looking for a condo or an apartment. The neighbourhood is equipped with all the latest amenities which are sure to attract any new residents. Ottawa real estate agents believe that despite the fluctuations in the market, buying a home in Orleans is definitely a sound investment. Property prices will increase in the future, so anyone who buys now can reap the benefits later on.

If you are not keen on Ottawa homes for sale, then you can even rent. The Orleans market is filled with great homes available for rent. Given the outstanding features of this area, it is time you make the right move and get a place. Food lovers will enjoy the excellent nearby eateries, such as New York Fries, Poutine Parlour and Jonny Canuck’s Bar and Grill.

Orleans Jobs and Employment

The labour market in Orleans consists of a mix of Government employees, and employees in the fields of Business, Finance, Sales, as well as some trades.

Is Orleans A Safe Neighbourhood?

Orleans has a lot to offer to both youths and adults. The neighbourhood has different types of schools located nearby. Given the French speaking population in the area, it perhaps comes as no surprise that some of them are French. The city shopping center is also another place that is usually bustling with life on the weekends. Orleans has great landscape, which makes it an ideal neighbourhood for residents.

Orleans Activities

Some great recreational activities can also be found in Orleans. You can visit the YMCA or the Ray Friel recreation center. You can enjoy outdoor biking or even go to the theatre to catch a movie with your friends. Orleans residents enjoy a lot of group activities together, and shopping is one such activity. You can visit the nearby Place d'Orleans shopping centre and buy the best local and international products.

Orleans Schools

Orleans has some very good schools where you can send your children. You will find preschools and high schools located nearby. In total, the neighbourhood has two secondary schools and seven grade schools. So you will have ample choices when deciding which school is best for your children.

Elementary Schools
  • Orleans Wood Elementary School
  • Dunning-Foubert Elementary School
  • Fallingbrook Community Elementary School
  • Maple Ridge Elementary School
  • Life Christian Academy
  • Trillium Elementary
  • Avalon Public School
  • Ecole Elemntaire catholique Alain-Fortin
Secondary Schools
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School
  • St. Peter High School
  • St. Matthew High School

The excellent facilities and beautiful surroundings make this a wonderful neighbourhood to reside in. If you are looking for Ottawa homes for sale, then you should definitely consider the Orleans neighbourhood.

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