A successful real estate marketing program begins with an understanding of the overall marketplace, market trends and demographics. From there, specific target segments are explored and absorption plans are developed. Bennett Property Shop Realty is a boutique real estate marketing company; that has the experience and innovative techniques to conduct a detailed analysis of the market, establish how a property fits into that market, and develop ways to distinguish the product in the marketplace. Utilizing both industry and in-house market data, Bennett Property Shop Realty will also provide target-market analysis, identifying specific market segments and then determining the preferences of each niche group. This information will be analyzed and processed into a complete marketing and sales strategy for the client specific real estate project.


Based on the market analysis results, Bennett Property Shop Realty will provide the developer's, planners, property managers and architects with assistance and recommendations in a number of areas, including:

Site Analysis: including data on site location, potential product recommendations, preliminary pricing strategies, absorption rates, essential amenities and parking.

Design Process: including recommendations on the number and type of units to be constructed, floor plan consultation, consumer directed recommendations of standards for finishes, as well as recommended options.

Amenities: including mixed use commercial, restaurants, retail outlets, plus residential use such as sports, health and passive amenities and terrace/landscaping improvements and the new “greening” initiatives.

Services: based on research, Bennett Property Shop Realty will recommend a series of basic services and amenities for the property. Potential unique upgrade features such as concierge services, melding mixed use components and required customer service requirements.


Bennett Property Shop Realty will create a customized client specific marketing strategy that is based on its preliminary market research. Continually throughout the process, Bennett Property Shop Realty will monitor the market absorption through continued analysis of the marketplace and feedback gathered during on-site sales efforts.

Key to the effort will be to define marketing strategy that is based not merely on pricing competition, but by creating the proper image for the project, invoking an emotional response from potential buyers and through creating intrinsic value.

Bennett Property Shop Realty will be involved in many critical components of this strategy, including:

  • Ongoing Market Input
  • Marketing Budget
  • Marketing Materials
  • Legal Documents
  • Sales Office Development and Design


Successful developments feature a combination of site and building models, plans and layouts, display of views and neighbourhood attractions, informational pamphlets and professionally merchandised model homes to capture the interest of the target market. Bennett Property Shop Realty will hire, a professionally trained and managed sales team based on their compatibility and experience dealing with the target market. Bennett Property Shop Realty will provide weekly sales information updates, and track sales budgetary statements for the developer. Marnie Bennett will personally, train and supervise all sales team members.

Housing Products: Bennett Property Shop Realty over the years has successfully marketed and sold all types of housing products including, mid and high-rise condominiums, upper scale townhomes, entry level terrace townhomes, retirement communities, estate homes, resort properties, and rental conversions including high-rise and townhomes.


As in any sales transaction, total purchaser satisfaction is the only measure of a successful interaction between buyer and seller. The key to this goal is to ensure you meet or exceed the purchaser’s expectations. This can only be achieved with total quality control. From the sales administrators perspective quality control relates to the quality and timeliness of the information provided to the purchaser, the vendor, the lawyers, financial institutions, project manager, contractors and interior designers.

As you can appreciate, it is most important in order to maintain quality control to have highly trained sales personnel and administrative support staff to ensure that the paper work is flowing properly and that the customer needs are answered quickly and efficiently. After the initial purchase there are invariably changes to the homes, design modifications, upgrades, colour selections etc. Our properly trained sales administrative staff ensures that the proper flow of all of this important paper and communication along a critical path is followed. A system of checks along this clearly defined path protects the housing development from the real possibility of the loss of sale, reduced profitability or lawsuits.

Bennett & Company has successfully closed more than 9,000 transactions and we have developed an efficient method of sales administration that has been created by the extensive experience.


For any project to be successful it is imperative to convert purchaser’s intent into actual sales. Bennett Property Shop Realty’s success in selling out projects lies in our ability to assist the purchaser in obtaining a mortgage at attractive financing rates.

Bennett Property Shop Realty will ensure a smooth transition through the various stages of the home buying process ending with a successful closing of the transaction.

In order to maximize the profitability of a project, increase the speed of sales absorption and assure the efficiency of the sales process we recommend that Bennett Property Shop Realty be involved at the earliest possible stages of development. By drawing upon our experience before major building design and program decisions have been finalized, we have been able to save developers significant amounts of time and money, as well as create low cost solutions for increasing desirability of the product to the target markets.