Rockland Neighbourhood
Beautiful, Simple and Safe Suburban Living

Rockland town hall

Rockland is a modern municipality perfectly aligning rural charm with urban vitality. It is a bilingual community located about 32 kilometres east of downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, part of the city of Clarence-Rockland. Rockland is a quiet, picturesque city nestled on the shores of the historic Ottawa River. Rockland has a population of 11,099.

Rockland Housing

Rockland consists of mixed housing for sale and rent including single detached homes, townhouses, condos, and mobile homes with an average listing price of $324,000. There are also new home options available through developers in newer subdivisons located mostly in the South of the City. Rentals account for approximately 40% of the housing in Rockland.

A few homes in Rockland date back to the 1940's, however, most of the housing was constructed after 2007.

Rockland Jobs and Employment

With its varied professional services led by a skilled workforce, its constant residential growth, its numerous sports and cultural activities, its restaurants, its retail stores and specialty shops, the City of Clarence-Rockland is a great place to Live, Work and Invest.

Based on the total labour force, the majority of the occupations in Rockland fall within the categories of Business Sales and Service, and, Trade, Transport, and Operators.

Is Rockland A Safe Neighbourhood?

The Ottawa River has always played an important role in the development of the City of Clarence-Rockland. In the 1800s, the river was the main livelihood for settlers. Today, the river is an unrivalled jewel for residents and tourists who love to do water sports or simply stroll along the main tributary of the St. Lawrence. Residents and tourists can access boat ramps at Moulin Park. There are many homes overlooking the Ottawa River.

Rockland Schools

There are a variety of schools in Rockland including Anglophone public, Francophone public, Anglophone Catholic, and Francophone Catholic.


  • Rockland Public School (RKPS)
  • St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School
  • École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Trinité
  • École Carrefour Jeunesse

High school

  • École secondaire catholique L'Escale
  • Rockland District High School (RDHS)
  • St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School (St. FX)
  • Canadian International Hockey Academy

Rockland Activities

Rockland offers both the quiet of the countryside and the urban offerings of a big city. Along with a healthy distribution of nature's splendor there's also plenty of things to keep urbanites busy. The city offers a full range of churches, schools and sports facilities which offer endless choices for those who have grown accustomed to essential amenities.

  • The City of Clarence-Rockland owns three ice arenas
  • The Joël Gauthier skatepark allows amateurs skateboarders, roller bladders and BMX riders to practice their sports in a safe environment.
  • The Clarence-Rockland Museum is house to more than 5,000 pictures, documents, newspapers, ancient books, 78 rpm records, military bravery medals, ancient tools and utensils, clothes, plaques, trophies and artifacts. All this distributed in the rooms located on three floors of the centenary building.
  • The Optimiste Performance Hall is the perfect place to watch local, semi-professional and professional productions. The hall has 500 seats, a large stage and sound and lighting equipment at the cutting edge of technology to provide a memorable experience.
  • The Recreational Trails of the United Counties of Prescott-Russell amidst rural surroundings urbanized by charming little villages allows walkers to explore a multitude of natural and historic attractions. The trail covers a distance of 72 kilometres and occupies part of the former railway corridor between Ottawa and Montreal.
  • The Ottawa River is an unrivalled jewel for residents and tourists who love to do water sports or simply stroll along the main tributary of the St. Lawrence. Residents and tourists can access boat ramps at Moulin Park.
  • There are many parks throughout the city including:
    • Alphonse Carrière Park
    • Bellevue Park
    • Bernard Valiquette Park
    • Cathy-Cain Park
    • Cheney Park
    • Dalrymple Park
    • Des Champs Park
    • du Moulin Park
    • Jules-Saumure Park
    • Lavigne Natural Park
    • Laviolette Park
    • Off-Leash Dog Park
    • Patricia Charron Park
    • Richelieu Grande-Rivière Park
    • Ronald Lalonde Park
    • Simon Park
    • St-Pascal Park
    • Larose Forest

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