Sandy Hill - Small, Quaint and Full of Life

Laurier E

Home to over 13,000 people, Sandy Hill has rapidly become one of Ottawa’s most attractive neighbourhoods to live in. With a host of amenities, affordable homes and subtle beauty, this neighbourhood is a gem in Ottawa. Sandy Hill is also quite a historical neighbourhood and is home to a number of foreign ambassadors.

Sandy Hill Housing

Although Sandy Hill has a population of a little over 13,000, there are many homes available for sale and rent. After the baby boom, a number of housing projects were launched, and a large number of homes and mansions were constructed. These homes are still standing today and are some of the most beautiful you will ever see.

The best thing about Sandy Hill is the mixture of classes and building varieties. Many of the old mansions have been converted into embassies, attributing to the increase in foreign residents. Most upper class residents live near these embassies.

Housing near the university has become cheaper due to the influx of international students. A large number of condos are also available, particularly near the downtown area.

Sandy Hill Jobs and Employment

With the increasing number of students, employment opportunities have increased in the tertiary sector. With its proximity to the downtown area, the total number of jobs in and around Sandy Hill has also increased. Jobs start at $10/hour and can go as high as $100 /hour, with a 40-hour week. In fact, unemployment is less than 8%.

Is Sandy Hill A Safe Neighbourhood?

Considering the diversity of the population and the downtown area, the number of crimes in Sandy Hill was once higher than other neighbourhoods. However, it has been brought down considerably with the intensive neighbourhood watch program and the increased efforts of the Ottawa Police Service. Now, Sandy Hill is one of the safest neighbourhoods to live in.

Sandy Hill Jobs and Employment

One of the biggest reasons why people choose Sandy Hill over other neighbourhoods is the location of the University of Ottawa. The university attracts thousands of international students and has also influenced the creation of 5 other elementary and secondary schools.

  • Viscount Alexander Public School
  • Francojeunesse Public School
  • École Secondaire Publique De La Salle
  • York Street Public School
  • École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Anne

Sandy Hill Activities

Despite the small neighbourhood size, there is plenty to do in Sandy Hill. Whether you want to take a stroll in a nearby Strathcona park or enjoy yourself at one of the many recreational centres, Sandy Hill has residents covered.

Sandy Hill may seem small at first, but it is a terrific place to live, work and study. Sandy Hill is a neighbourhood that truly is small, quaint and full of life.

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