Stittsville – An Urbanized Village Life


Combining the wonders of urbanization with the pleasures of village life, Stittsville offers residents an experience like no other. With a population of over 27,000, Stittsville is not only a pleasant place to work, but also a fantastic place to learn, enjoy life and retire to. With increasing development, Stittsville is a hidden treasure, located in the western Ottawa area.

Stittsville Housing

If there is one thing that people love in this quaint little urban village, it’s the amazing housing. The homes and flats in Stittsville are known to not only be affordable, but lavish and exceptionally beautiful. The beauty of the homes and their striking interiors has attracted a number of potential home owners to the neighbourhood. In contrast, you'll also find mobile homes in Stittsville.

Home ownership in Stittsville is a very high 96 per cent.

Stittsville Jobs and Employment

For those who want to live and work in the same place, Stittsville offers residents a number of jobs both in and just around it. With hundreds of jobs on offer in Stittsville, and hundreds more in the surrounding area, employment is something residents don’t have to worry about.

The recent Census figures from Statistics Canada show that 85 percent of the total population of Stittsville is English. A total of 5 percent of the total identify French as their mother tongue.

Is Stittsville A Safe Neighbourhood?

Security is a serious concern in almost every neighbourhood. With over 27,000 residents, an effective security policy becomes a necessity. Fortunately, Stittsville has plenty of security. Not only does the Ottawa Police Service aid in law enforcement but so do the Stittsville community members. As a result, Stittsville has one of the lowest crime rates and is known as a family oriented community.

Stittsville Schools

Education is of significant importance, especially when living in the capital of Canada. Fortunately, Stittsville residents don’t have to worry about a lack of educational institutions. Stittsville has quite a number of elementary and secondary schools, funded by the government and private investments. South Carleton High School is the biggest public secondary school, with over 1200 students enlisted. Sacred Heart High School is the largest private secondary school, with over 2200 students.

  • St Stephen School
  • Stittsville Public School
  • Sacred Heart Catholic High School
  • Guardian Angels School
  • Westwind Public School
  • Goulburn Middle School
  • A Lorne Cassidy Elementary School
  • Ecole Elemntaire Catholique Jean-Paul II
  • South Carleton High School

Stittsville Activities

With a substantial number of parks and recreational centres, Stittsville is able to offer fun and entertainment for both singles and families. Recently, the residents of Stittsville voted for an enhanced, expansive and diverse shopping experience. Residents of Stittsville were heard, and a number of shopping malls were constructed, offering residents an exceptional shopping experience.

Karters Korner offers fun activities such as go-carts, golf, paintball, along with an arcade. Valleyview little animal farm offers a country adventure for young ones including barn animals, train rides and puppet shows.

Stittsville is an urban neighbourhood unlike any other. With a strong emphasis on community living, education, recreation and safety, this neighbourhood celebrates modernization while embodying village life. Stittsville offers an urbanized village life that is rarely found in today’s era of hustling bustling urbanization.

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